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Seven Ways to Engage Your Congregation

Bryan Isbell offers easy ideas to be a more effective worship leader.

It’s always helpful to read about things that can make us better. But all too often, these posts offer very little in the way of APPLICATION. And, being as transparent as possible, I’m as guilty as anyone else. So, in an effort to fix that, here’s seven ways you can engage your audience while leading them in worship.

1. Open your eyes!
– How can we engage when we don’t even so much as look at the people we are trying to engage? I look at it this way. If we were leading an expedition, and we were the expert on the terrain, we most certainly wouldn’t do so with our eyes closed. Leading worship is a great adventure! And we are the guides that (should) know the way to the feet of the Creator! Open your eyes and lead the way!

2. Free up the body.
– No, I don’t mean jump around and sling your instrument, or anything like that. (although, that may be appropriate at times. Ha.) I mean move around. Look from side to side by turning your body (also helps with #1). Move with the music. Stomp your feet. Raise your hands. Don’t be a statue.

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