Singing: 7 Keys To Improving Pitch

Mark Cole says one of the main things he listens for in a potential praise team singer is their ability to sing in-tune.

One of the main challenges of singing in church is that it is usually on a Sunday morning. Mornings are not always kind to singers. Over the years I have developed the habit of softly singing in the car ride on my way to church. I play songs on my car stereo from the worship set and softly sing along. Sometimes I sing an octave down, sometimes I sing at pitch but at a soft volume. Warming up your voice is so important to improving your pitch.

Here’s an idea of what Celine Dion does to warm-up her voice

Improve Your Breath Support

Strong singers have great breathing habits. They fill up their lungs all the way to the bottom and use their diaphragm muscle to control the flow of air. Learning to support your singing with strong breathing is one of the most important skills that strong singers master.

Here is the link to an extensive article on ‘Correct breathing and support for singing‘.


Getting nervous and uptight on stage or in an audition is fairly common. But, the resulting tension can wreak havoc with pitch control. Learn to calm yourself by slow deep breathing. Take 4 or 5 deep breaths and consciously slow your racing heart and mind. Learning to control your emotions and nerves comes with experience and confidence.

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