Sneak Peek: Never Fail Us

Update 08-21-12: Never Fail Us is now available at download chord charts, sheet music, tracks and multitracks. The song is guitar driven, but if you like the piano version in the video, the piano part is included with the PraiseCharts sheet music. Hear the full demo at my SoundCloud page.

Last week I was in Nashville recording my upcoming Communion service guide. Watch and hear a sneak peek in the studio of the song Never Fail Us I recently wrote with Kyle Worsham and Andrew James. Wouldn’t you love to have singers like this in your church!

After writing the songs and arranging them, I prepare for studio work by creating a simple piano/drum track so I can change tempo on the fly if need be (I’ve recorded full, elaborate tracks with guitars/bells/whistles only to find the tempo is way too fast for vocalists!) In this case, Never Fail Us will be acoustic guitar driven (but I still like it on piano.)

Working with Grammy award winning engineer Steve Bisher we record the 3 part BGVs with top Nashville session singers who’ve been recording Christian projects for years (according to my polls, 3 part vocals with worship leader are the predominant vocal style for most churches.)

The solos were recorded separately and I brought them together via the magic of video editing.

Never Fail Us is a part of the We Remember Communion Service Guide.


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