Strong Worship Leaders and 18 Things They Avoid

Worship leader, time for a wake-up call! Discover the 18 toxic habits sabotaging your ministry.

Leading worship is a sacred calling, but are you unknowingly undermining your own effectiveness? In this hard-hitting exposé, veteran worship leader Mark Cole pulls no punches – revealing the 18 deadly traps that even the most well-intentioned praise teams fall into.

From picking songs your congregation can’t engage with to letting your private worship life languish…from alienating your tech team to wallowing in past mistakes…this convicted-straight-from-the-heart list will have you squirming with re-conviction.

But don’t just read it and weep! Let these flaws of “weak” leadership be the defibrillator shock that restarts your worship ministry into a powerful, anointed, soul-stirring experience.

If you’re ready for true transparency, humble growth, and a refreshing realignment with God’s heart for praise, this is your wake-up call. Prepare to be challenged, encouraged, and launched into a new dimension of leading lives into His presence!

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