Strong Worship Leaders: The 18 Things They Avoid

Mark Cole says worship leaders should develop good attitudes and habits.

1. They don’t miss out on a daily time with God

God is the reason for worship. He is the source of your success. Spending daily time with God, reading the word and in prayer, is the main key to being a strong worship leader.

2. They don’t pick songs that the congregation can’t sing well

It your congregation is not singing, you are not doing what you are called to do. Are you picking songs that the congregation can learn quickly? Are you repeating the songs enough for your congregation to learn them? Are you picking great songs? Are you putting them in singable keys? 

3. They don’t choose a worship list without praying about it

The Holy Spirit will bring songs to your mind that you might ordinarily miss. How does God want to be worshipped this Sunday? What does He want to say to His church?

4. They don’t think that success comes from anywhere but God

Humility is a main ingredient to God moving in your life and ministry. Humility proceeds honour. God is the one who promotes or demotes you. Make sure all the honour goes to Him.

5. They don’t alienate the sound man or tech people

Sound men and tech people can make you or break you. They are usually some of the first people to arrive and the last to leave. A great tech team is worth their weight in gold. Make sure you treat them that way!

6. They don’t allow themselves to just sing songs without also worshiping God with their whole heart

It’s too easy to get caught up in making good music and forget the main thing. Worshiping God is the main thing. Make sure you practise enough so you can play and sing the music well and focus on worshiping God at the same time.

7. They don’t allow the band to be at the same level this year as last year

Developing and growing your team and yourself is one of the main responsibilities of a good leader. Learn to lead great rehearsals. Challenge yourself and the worship band to grow, learn and improve.

8. They don’t allow a rift to develop with the pastoral staff

Having a good relationship with your church leadership is paramount to a worship leaders success. Go out of your way to spend the time to have good relationships.

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