Surprising Advice About Your Opening Worship Song

Are you unintentionally alienating your congregation with your opening worship song? Discover a game-changing perspective that could revolutionize how you kick off your services. Dive deep into the art of captivating worshippers right from the start, drawing wisdom from an unlikely source: a live music producer’s advice to bands.

Brace yourself as the author boldly challenges the common practice of launching into high-energy, turbo-charged anthems. Could a more subdued, intentional approach be the key to fostering genuine connection? Time to rethink your tempo tactics and explore the power of medium-paced, singable tunes that invite participation rather than overwhelm.

But it’s not just about BPMs. This insightful piece offers a fresh lens on worship leading, urging you to shift from performing AT your congregation to involving them in a shared experience. Discover practical ways to prioritize engagement over showmanship, ultimately creating an atmosphere where hearts are primed to encounter the divine.

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