Take a Seat

Often, as worship leaders, we get so wrapped up in the minutiae of the job – charts, schedules, planning, tech and everything else – we lose sight of the big picture.

When I was working at a megachurch, involved in the weekly worship grind, I once had a rare Sunday off where I got to sit in the congregation.

What a different perspective! From the congregation I could see the whole package – graphics, video, lighting, sound, choir, worship leader and band. Each group had been working to improve over the past two years and I saw the results of their labor – a wonderful worship time that was more than a performance. God showed up and you could really feel the congregation being pulled into the spirit of praise.

This is important. Without evaluation, no one or no organization can improve. If possible, take a Sunday off and attend your church like anyone else would. You’ll gain a healthy sense of accomplishment for what’s going right and you’ll be able to identify what needs work. If you feel you can’t be off one Sunday without things falling apart, have a trusted member of your team sit in the congregation and give you a report of their impressions.


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