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Tech Directors: The Unsung Heroes of Worship ⁤

Let’s be real, tech directors are the backbone of our worship ministry. Without them, we’d be drowning in a sea of feedback and awkward silences.

Building Bridges, Not Walls

Want to empower your tech director? Encourage them to build relationships like a pro! They need to connect with their team, volunteers, and anyone who’s ever touched a mic or a spotlight.

But here’s the catch – relationships take time and effort. Your tech director needs to be intentional about connecting with volunteers every week. Learn their stories, passions, and what makes them tick.

Sharing the Load

Being a tech director can be lonely. It’s easy to think you have to do everything yourself. But that’s a one-way ticket to burnout.

Empower your tech director to share the load. Encourage them to get input from their team, delegate tasks, and let others step up and lead. When everyone feels invested, amazing things (and ministry) happen!

Geeking Out and Reaching Out

Contrary to popular belief, tech directors aren’t supposed to be mysterious loners who only emerge for coffee and bathroom breaks.

The best tech directors never stop learning and growing. They geek out at trade shows, pick the brains of other audio engineers, and aren’t afraid to admit when they don’t know something.

Encourage your tech director to network with their peers. Remind them that there are no dumb questions, and even the pros are always looking to improve.

The Care and Feeding of Your Tech Director

Being a tech director can be thankless. The hours are long, the pressure is high, and there’s no room for error. One glitch during a service can cause half the congregation to turn their heads around to scowl at the tech booth.

That’s where you come in! Create a culture of support, appreciation, and fun for your tech team. Let your tech director know you’ve got their back, value their work, and are there to listen when things get tough.

Don’t underestimate the power of encouragement, gratitude, or even a silly inside joke. These small things can keep your tech director motivated and energized.

Bottom Line

Empowering your tech director is about more than just making sure the mics are hot and the lights are on point. It’s about investing in a relationship, supporting their growth, and recognizing their vital role in creating life-changing worship experiences.

So go ahead, worship leaders – give your tech directors some love! Empower them to be the unsung heroes they were always meant to be. Your ministry might just reach new heights in the process!


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