Thanksgiving Song Ideas

Thanksgiving Song Ideas for Worship

by Don Chapman

Stumped for some great Thanksgiving-themed songs for your sets? Take a look at my suggestions – make November a month of Gratitude for your congregation!

“Goodness Of God” by Bethel Music / Jenn Johnson is a perfect fit for your congregation’s Thanksgiving worship. With its reminders of God’s faithful provision and mercy, this modern hymn will resonate with grateful hearts. The chorus is simple enough for the whole church to sing. And the lyrics praising God’s goodness will remind your people Who they’re thanking this Thanksgiving. It’s a surefire congregational winner that will have smiles on faces and hands raised in praise for our good God.

“Gratitude” by Brandon Lake is tailor-made for a Thanksgiving Sunday. With its “hallelujahs” and lyrics about praising God “again and again”, this upbeat anthem will have your people on their feet giving thanks. And when Lake sings “all that I have is a hallelujah”, it’s the perfect reminder for our hearts this Thanksgiving season. Though we may feel we’ve nothing to offer our King, He invites our simple praise. So let this song lead your congregation in joyful gratitude to God for all His blessings. It’s sure to be a highlight of your Thanksgiving worship set.

“King Of Kings” by Hillsong Worship is ideal for a congregational Thanksgiving celebration. Triumphant lyrics praising Jesus as “King of Kings” will focus your church’s gratitude on Him this season. Singing “Praise forever to the King of Kings” is the perfect response of thanksgiving for Christ’s sacrifice and victory over death. And verses reminding us of God’s mercy, salvation through the cross, and freedom in Christ will resonate this Thanksgiving. With its epic feel and lyrics exalting our Savior, this modern hymn will inspire profound thanks as your people lift their voices to the King.

“Thank You Jesus For The Blood” by Charity Gayle:  Lyrics like “You have saved my life” and “Thank You Jesus for the blood applied” remind us of Christ’s incredible sacrifice to reconcile us to God. An inspiring chorus of praise to Jesus for freeing us from sin’s chains will resonate with thankful hearts. And singing about the wonder-working power of the blood that calls us sons and daughters is the perfect response this Thanksgiving season. These lyrics of gratitude to God will inspire your congregation’s praise.

“Grateful” by Elevation Worship is an upbeat Thanksgiving anthem. Declaring “Lord, I am grateful” in the chorus makes this a ideal response of praise for the season. Lyrics reminding us of God’s unfailing love and faithfulness will resonate with grateful hearts. And the bridge envisioning heavens opened as we lift thankful hands hits the theme perfectly. This catchy, melodic song will have your congregation singing along. With its focus on giving God thanks no matter the circumstance, “Grateful” is sure to be a highlight of your Thanksgiving Sunday as your church lifts their voices in praise.


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