The Coming Worship Shift

Jason Vana discusses the Barna Group’s info on Millennials:

A shift is coming to the way we do church.

It happens every few decades or so. A generation rises up that no longer fits in the mold of the prevailing style of church service. They can’t encounter God, don’t see a purpose to the method of service, can’t seem to find life in the rituals, modes, and style of church. So they walk away – either thinking this whole “God” thing is a sham, or striking out looking for a new way of finding Him.

We are in that generation.

Recently, the Barna Group — a leading research organization focused on the intersection of faith and culture — published the results of a study among the millennial generation (ages 18 to 29) to determine their “ideal” church.

The infograph below shows the results.

Points of Interest

A few points to note about this generation’s ideal church:

  • The primary focus is community – not lecture
  • Over 3/4 want to attend a church with a sanctuary, not an auditorium
  • Well over 1/2 want a quiet, reflective service over a loud, entertainment driven service
  • The same amount is looking for a classic service over a service chasing after every trend out there

It’s a big shift indeed.

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