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The First Step in Taking Your Church Live

Tim Adams: The leadership has asked you to tell them how much it will cost to get a live stream of the service out to the Internet…now what?!?!?

Ok, first off, you’ll need to figure out your signal flow. Let’s assume that you’ve got a couple video cameras, some kind of recorder (hard drive-based, flash- or solid-state-based, or DVD), and a switcher. These are the basics of any video ministry system.

Outlining the Basics

First, your signal flow follows a logical path regardless of the equipment that you have. Your cameras are your sources, your switcher switches between these sources, and your signal terminates at your recorder, projector(s), and/or your live stream. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you bring the audio from the cameras into your recorder, but I would highly recommend you get a signal sent to your recorder from the audio mixer to have the highest quality.

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