Christmas Eve

The Importance of Christmas Eve


After praise team rehearsals we’d often all go out for pizza or sushi. Over our late-night snack, one of the lay worship leaders once told us an amazing story.

He had been far from God a few years ago and happened to be driving by the church on Christmas Eve and felt drawn in. He attended the service, ended up crying through the whole thing and gave his life back to the Lord. His world amazingly changed and he eventually ended up leading worship in rotation on the team.

After I heard all this, I felt God saying to me “He’s a direct answer to your prayers!”

You see, when all the hectic preparation for my Christmas services were done through the years, my final touch would be to specifically pray that people would literally be drawn off the street to the church and meet Jesus. I’d usually pray this prayer the night before Christmas Eve as I’d be in the auditorium tidying up the stage, rearranging a music stand or moving a keyboard. Sometimes on my way out of the parking lot I’d even drive around the building a few times while I prayed over the building LOL!

For years I’ve been preaching about the importance of Christmas Eve based on anecdotal evidence and now I have a first-hand account. Christmas Eve is simply THE best time of year for people to have an encounter with Jesus – especially visitors who most likely have tender hearts.

This year make sure you say a prayer before your service(s) and ask God to draw people to Himself – and don’t be surprised by the lives that are changed by His power. Preparation + Prayer is a winning combo for advancing the Kingdom.


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