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The Importance Of Song Selection In Worship

Alex Enfiedjian passionately argues for the importance of careful song selection in worship services. He says songs are the building blocks – they showcase Christ and elicit response. Worship follows a revelation then awe-inspired response model. Strong, clear, Christ-centered songs paint God’s glories vividly, making it easier for congregations to passionately respond.

Vague, shallow songs may stir emotions through loud music, but they lack substance. Songs should move us from head to heart – strong truth processed intellectually leads to strong feelings as we worship in spirit and truth. Song leaders are like teachers, accountable for the theology in lyrics memorized and carried through life. Songs are lifeboats carrying people through storms; leaders must choose sturdy ones.

Alex says strong songs have:

  • Christ-centered lyrics
  • Deep, meaty content
  • Emotional resonance
  • Singable melodies
  • Rich theology

While weak songs may be:

  • Vague
  • Me-centered
  • Repetitive
  • Theologically inaccurate

By reading Alex’s full piece, you’ll learn:

  • The revelation-response worship model
  • Why strong songs create strong worship
  • How songs impact emotions and memory
  • What makes songs “strong” or “weak”
  • The responsibility song leaders bear

Alex makes an impassioned plea for careful selection to create powerful worship. His insights could transform song choices.

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