The Intersection of Ego and Under-Appreciation

Have you ever worked tirelessly behind the scenes only to see someone else receive all the praise and recognition? This feeling of frustration is common among church tech team members. We pour our hearts into supporting church services and events, yet the applause typically goes to those on stage.

In this article, John Spicer wrestles with why this lack of acknowledgment bothers us so much. Shouldn’t we expect our work to go unseen? After reflecting on his recent interactions with a vibrant yet struggling friend, John concludes we must regain the proper context and motivation for service. Our role is not about ego or recognition from others in the church. Rather, we serve to offer hope to hurting people who attend anonymously. Everything we do is seen by God, who will never forget our service done in His name. Let those in the limelight have their day; we serve an audience of One.

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