The Matrix & Memorizing Worship Songs

Jed Smith advocates the Nashville number system.

[editor’s note from Don Chapman: Jed uses the Nashville number system. When I memorize my worship music, I simply think of whether I’m playing a “1” chord or a “5” chord – basically the same thing!]

“I’m trying to free your mind.”-Morpheus

In the last post we talked about the importance of memorizing worship songs for our times of worship. Simply put this allows us to have a more rewarding worship experience for ourselves, while at the same time creating a more rewarding worship experience for others.

This can be an intimidating proposition. Sure it’s doable to memorize songs scheduled for worship; what isn’t doable is creating the time to memorize those songs.

If you’re a singer looking for tips to memorizing lyrics to songs, I’m afraid I don’t have the answer for you. Not yet anyway. But if you are a musician looking to break free from the chain and shackle commonly called a music stand, then you are going to want to keep reading.


Remember the movie The Matrix? The first one? (The sequels don’t count.) There is a scene in that movie when the hero, Neo, sees the code of a virtual world while in that virtual world. The secrets of the world have been revealed to him and that gives him what appears to be super powers inside that world.

The secret to memorizing worship songs in a short amount of time is to see the code behind all the songs. When you see the code behind the songs, all the secrets of the songs are revealed and you start to develop musical super powers.

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