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The Role of a Musical Director

Adam Bond explains that the Musical Director adds unity and strength to the worship team.

A Musical Director is a voice of leadership on the platform that helps to run the rehearsals, navigates the band through musical transitions, and fuels the worship leader with clear ideas that can create a moment where people can interact freely with God.

A Musical Director adds unity and strength to the team on platform, by verbally communicating people through upcoming sections in the service/session. They’re also the go to person for the pastor during worship. The pastor can communicate with the MD if he or she wants the worship team to do something specific. I.e. Reprise a song, end the song in a certain way, or completely change the set list. He or she can pretty much ask for anything, and the musical director will try his up most to facilitate it.

The MD is an extension of the worship leader. They act as another set of eyes and ears, and are aware of his or her surroundings. They’re looking to the worship leader, pastor, and congregation for direction on where to take the music. The MD also acts as the bridge between the worship leader and the musicians. He or she communicates confidently to the team on platform. They’re using what they have in the natural to help people worship.

I view the MD as a musical guide. You’re offering the worship leader different routes to achieve the end goal… people encountering with God. At our Church, the MD is one of the musicians on platform. They might not be the strongest musician on team, but they have been chosen to be a voice of leadership because they have a great deal of experience. The MD has a silent microphone, where he or she can communicate with the rest of the team. And he/she can communicate with F.O.H, and the stage managers sitting by the pastor.

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