Dan Wilt

The Secret To Effective Worship Leading

Dan Wilt says few have learned the real secret to the most effective worship leading on planet earth today.

The following is my observation, gathered over 25 years.

Many worship leaders are skilled in leading worship. A smaller number are strongly gifted to lead worship. Even fewer still, in my view, are distinctly called to lead worship as a vocation.

And yet I perceive that even fewer still, of all those leaders, have learned the real secret to the most effective worship leading on planet earth today.

Good And Great Worship Leaders

Of those who are skilled, gifted, and called to lead worship, most are devoted, love to worship through music, see the stage as a sacred responsibility, embrace the opportunity to create rich worship environments for the life of the Church, and sacrificially engage with the leadership challenges that come with what can be a thankless turf.

But among those, there is one secret ingredient that marks the watershed difference between agood worship leader and a great one. In fact, some worship leaders who are less skilled and naturally gifted can make up for any lack by applying this Secret.

The Secret We All Need To Know

My simple thought is this. After 25+ years of watching worship leaders, spending time with them, and seeing them lead thousands and thousands of people in worship (including me), it’s become glaringly obvious from where I sit that there is a Secret the  most effective of them are unlocking.

It results in a gravitas, a weightiness, to the leadership of some. Conversely there is a lightness, or a less substantial authority, in others.

I think the difference is real, intuited, and perceived by communities even if it’s not clear “why” they sense the authority they sense.

That Secret is not just experience, musical giftedness, or leadership calling. Its definitely not about popularity. It’s more than all of that. Something far more powerful is at work.

That Secret is, from my vantage point… the secret.

I.e. The Secret is what is happening in secret.

More specifically, the Secret is in what is happening in the secret place.

The secret place is that private sanctuary where we meet with God alone, and He meets with us.

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