The “Secret Weapon” to Service Planning

Shalon Palmer asks if being relevant is simply copying ideas from cool concerts and TV shows:

Now-a-days in church, the big thing in service planning is being “relevant.” You know you’ve heard this. It seems everywhere I go, people are using all of their resources to make their services cool and “relevant.”

While I don’t think there is anything wrong with working to be relevant in your church, I want to challenge you with this thought. Many seem to think that being relevant is doing what the world is doing. We seem to simply copy ideas from cool concerts and t.v. shows.

In doing this, we are always left one step behind the world. My thought is this; relevance isn’t just copying what the world is doing, but doing what the world wishes they could do! Relevance is staying one, two, and even three steps ahead of the world!

If you’re currently asking, “how in the world are we supposed to do that,” then you’re exactly right. There is no way in the world to do that. The secret to mind blowing, out of this world creativity is the Holy Spirit. He’s a game changer.

With the Holy Spirit guiding and feeding your creativity, anything is possible. I feel like it’s almost cheating. You’re writing bland music and creating ok videos, or your services are boring and un-creative. Take it to the next level by letting the Holy Spirit guide your writing and planning. He’s making all things new.

The Holy Spirit is just as alive today as he’s ever been! He living and moving on this Earth, looking for people and places to dwell! Count on him to empower you!

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