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The Why & How of Church Names

Leah Norton asks if it’s time to rethink the name of your ministry:

Hi, I’m Leah. What’s your name? What’s your church’s name? Why do I ask? Why do I care? Why should you care?

Because names matter. Your name is what you lead with. As a person, family, school, sports team, store, restaurant, company… and yes, as a church. Is your church name working well? Or is it time to rethink yours?

Let’s consider it. Why Does a Church Name Matter?

1. Because your people can embrace it. Your church name—and your related identity/branding—can build significant energy, unity and church spirit (like school spirit!) within your congregation. I played volleyball in junior high. I was so proud to be a Belzer Bruin; I can still chant those Belzer Bruin cheers. I want to have a similar kind of church spirit!

2. Because it’s a great outreach tool. Your church name has the potential to build intrigue and start conversations with people beyond your congregation. This may include folks in your local community—and even beyond your local community or online. Your church name is a strategic outreach tool. A name can cut through the clutter, raise eyebrows and get people asking questions or wanting to learn more about your church, God or faith.

3 Tips for Rethinking Your Church’s Name

Time to rethink your church’s name? Here are three tips to consider:

1. Consider 20 other things first. Consider 20 other things that you should strengthen at your church ahead of the name change. A name change can be great—but only when it brings to life the vision, energy, experience and intentional ministry that is already rockin’ at your church.

2. Confirm the why. If a new church name is vital, be sure you—and others at your church—know why. Make it as obvious as possible why renaming is essential given who God is calling your church to reach.

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