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The Worship Musician’s Mindset: What Every Team Member Must Know

Sunday morning has its share of busyness and distraction.

It’s not that we worship gear, tone, & rock stardom. We’re just distracted – crowded minds and preoccupied hearts

I hate to say it, but oftentimes meeting with Jesus on Sunday morning feels like a reunion with an old friend. It’s refreshing, we remember the past, but it’s like we’re just “keeping up appearances.”

We aren’t connecting on a regular basis.

Sure, we need to adjust our weekday habits. We need personal time with God. We need to worship Jesus behind closed doors. We must become familiar with His Presence at home if we’re to lead people into His Presence on stage. Private passion fuels successful public ministry.

But let’s start with the Sunday morning, corporate worship experience. What is the mindset of a worship musician? What should we be focusing on?

First off, grab your instrument, dial in your tone, know the songs.

All set? That’s the easy part. Now you’re ready for the main event – focusing your mind, heart, attention, and affection on the miracle of the moment. Heaven will touch earth. Presence will consume pride. Glory will rise above. No man will boast.

It’s not just the worship leaders who need to be on their spiritual “A” game. It’s not just the singers who have to sing. Every musician is a worship leader and has a responsibility to come practically prepared and spiritually sensitive to what God is doing.

You ready?

7 Focuses for Worship Musicians
Here’s a short list that every worship musician needs to be aware of as they play. It’s not enough to get lost in your music. It’s not enough to just show up.

1. The Moving of the Holy Spirit – Musician, are you aware that the Holy Spirit is present? He’s moving. He’s connecting. He’s drawing. He’s leading hearts to Jesus. This truth will revolutionize the way you play music. There’s less striving and more trusting. There’s less performing and more watching God work.

2. The Unbeliever – Believe it or not, there may be people present who don’t like what you’re doing. Playing and leading with a compassionate sensitivity is important. Love the people present. Serve them. Pray for them. Maybe, just maybe, the lyrics of a worship song will open their hearts to receiving Christ. That’s a miracle waiting to happen.

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