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Tips for Solving Church Sound Debates

Brian Gowing shares ideas for solving sound issues:

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve gone into a church and heard 3 or more different perspectives on the way things sounded I’d be pretty well of by now. Every church thinks that they’re unique in the sound problems that they have. I’m here to let you know that your church is no different than any of the other churches in the district. So take heart. This isn’t an unsolvable situation. In fact it’s a very common problem, not only in the church sound world but in the secular world of touring professionals. See, sound is very much a matter of perspective and perception. No two people will hear the same thing. It can be close but because hearing is one of those senses of ours that is in use every minute of every day, the environment that we’ve been a part of all these years plays a huge role in what we perceive in what we hear.

Likewise, the perception of what we hear depends significantly on the emotional impact of what we hear, especially when it relates to worship music. Because worship music, by its very nature, is designed to get you in the very dark recesses of your heart and soul, what we hear when we listen to worship music is very, very personal. What one person likes in a worship song performance can be totally different than what someone else hears in that same song.

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