Top 10 Reasons for Growth of Evangelicals?

I enjoy reading articles written by people in mainline denominations who are baffled/amazed by contemporary church growth. Here, a retired Methodist minister lists his observations on the reasons behind the growth of Evangelical churches:

1. Music. The first half hour of worship often resembles a rock concert as talented vocalists and bands lead exuberant praise songs. This has a special appeal to many young worshipers.

2. Earnest, innovative pastors. The ministers frequently are the founding pastors. They work hard to expand their congregations, and move ahead boldly and creatively, without limitations that long-established congregations or denominational ties may impose.

3. Welcoming atmosphere. Many Catholic and mainline Protestant churches can seem cold to visitors, seldom true of evangelical congregations. A dozen hands reach out to greet you, and information on guests is solicited for prompt follow-up contact. Success has been achieved in attracting parishioners of diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

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