Top 5 Reasons To Use MORE Video In Church

Barry Whitlow says the impact of video use in the church is greater than most church leaders imagine.

1. Video is the #1 information delivery tool in the world today. With over 3-billion videos viewed on Youtube every day and 80 million hours of videos being watched daily the impact of video on the mission of the church is immense. Video is no longer just about entertaining, it’s a proven information delivery tool.

2. Video holds the attention of those we are trying to reach better. Video is visually interactive which helps hold the attention of the viewer better resulting in greater retention and application of what is being communicated.

3. Video helps your church be relevant to those you are trying to reach: What people are most focused on through the week, presents a ministry connection point on Sunday. Video is a great tool for tying together cultural events to Biblical truth. Video helps you intersect with where your people already are emotionally, in order to speak life-changing truth into their lives.

4. Video content is plentiful and inexpensive. Engaging your audience with a video that relates to your topic has never been easier, and Youtube has proven time and time again that video content does not have to be Hollywood quality to communicate effectively and impact the human heart to take action. Instead of thinking what verbal illustration you can use, think what video illustration you can use.

5. Video shapes your demographic. Like worship song choice, the regular use of video over time helps to shape your audience, a younger demographic, and seekers.


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