What I Wish My Sound Guy Knew About Mixing Drums

Drummers and sound engineers – an age-old clash of percussive passions. If you’ve ever found yourself caught in the crossfire of this battle, get ready for a game-changing perspective.

This article gets to the heart of the drum cage conflict, revealing insights that could defuse the tension once and for all. From understanding the drummer’s shifting priorities between rehearsal and service to embracing the ever-evolving nature of acoustic drum tones, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the art behind the kit.

But that’s not all! Discover the secret to inviting drummers into the “tone party,” fostering a collaborative spirit that will have you both marching in harmonious rhythm. And at the core of it all? A shared goal that binds sound engineers and drummers together in their quest for excellence.

Get ready to break down barriers, build bridges, and unleash a level of synergy that will elevate your worship experience to new heights.

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