David Santistevan

What Is Missing In Our Contemporary Worship?

Modern church goers have always used the phrase “contemporary worship” as a way to appeal to a new generation.

It has always been a value.

But I’m wondering if it has lost its meaning and is costing us what true, Biblical, corporate worship should be.

Since my days of being a young child, I’ve been raised in “contemporary” worship.

New songs, upbeat music, and exuberant participation from the congregation in the forms of singing, hand-raising, dancing, and shouting is all I’ve known.

Matter of fact, bringing your tambourines, flags, and banners to church was a weekly occurrence for some (not me, of course).

It’s what we’ve prided ourselves on. It’s what I lead every week. We have contemporary worship. It’s not dead religion or ritual.

But is our contemporary worship becoming a dead ritual?

The more I grow in Christ, the longer I’m in ministry, the more I see that contemporary doesn’t always mean better. Truth is, the greatest realities in life are old.

The gospel is old news – but has more relevance today than anything.

New isn’t always novel. Most of the time it’s better to look back and learn.

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