What Kind of Media Director Does Your Church or Ministry Need?

Phil Cooke offers a simple guide to help you find the right person:

Most pastors, evangelists, and ministry leaders have a vision for media, but aren’t sure how to make that vision happen. The key to success is hiring the right person to create, shape, and lead your media outreach. In most cases where an organization is floundering, it’s because they’ve hired the wrong leader, who’s incapable of building an outreach to match the leader’s vision. To keep that from happening in your ministry, use this simple guide to help you find the right person at the right experience and salary level to make your media ministry a success:

The “Techie” Person –

Employment – Can be a freelancer or fulltime employee. Salary range – low.
Experience – Little to none. Sometimes, just a passion for electronics is enough. In other situations, someone from a local radio or TV station will work.

Expertise – Mostly a “techie” type person. Knows a little about video and/or audio, can generally shoot a video camera, do simple editing, and set up video screens, projectors, and audio gear. This is an important person on your team, because he knows a little about a lot of different things – but isn’t a real expert at anything. He’s your “all around” guy.

Best Use – To help you get started on a local basis. If you have a low budget, he or she’s probably your best bet. You can pay him or her on a part time or freelance basis, or per project. If the person’s a church member, better yet. Perhaps they could do it on a volunteer basis as part of their personal ministry.

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