What the Non-Believer is Really Looking For In Your Worship Service

Do you ever stop and ask yourself, “Why do people visit my church?” Do you ever ask yourself, “Why don’t they come back?” Why is it that churches across the country see people coming in the front door only to have them exit the same door and never return? I know of churches that will draw a 1,000 visitors a year and yet average under a 1,000 in worship. What is behind this unfortunate phenomenon?

There are many reasons why people do not return to our churches after visiting for the first time. Some can’t relate to the style. Others never make a connection with people. Many do not feel welcome. The list is endless. Today there are so many different types of churches that they have become a literal smorgasbord. People will hop around until they find something that satisfies their appetite.

To get an answer from any given situation there has to be a question asked. In this case, we have to ask the question, “Why don’t people return to our churches after the first and even second visits?” To answer that question we have to ask another, “What are we doing that causes people to leave as quick as they enter?” and “What can we do to keep them coming back?”

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