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Where I Go for New Worship Songs

Matthew Starner reveals how and where he finds the best worship songs for his congregation:

There’s no shortage of songs that you could play in worship. The challenge is finding good ones and that’s why it’s important to have a process by which you can objectively evaluate your potential songs. Most people already think we worship leaders just play all of our favorite songs anyway – why make that a true accusation!

So you have a process to evaluate songs, now where do you find them?

You can drive in your car or sit around listening to Christian radio all day and perhaps find some good ones (but remember that not all Christian songs are worship songs.) but that’s awfully time-consuming and not a very efficient way to operate. There must be a better way!

Oh, but there is! Granted, there are lots of different places out there to look, but these are the ones that I frequent the most to find good ones.

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