Why You Need to Update Your Church Website… Now!


Today (April 21, 2015) Google’s changing their search algorithm: if your (church) website doesn’t show up neat and tidy on a smartphone, your website will drop in ranking. If local people search for your local church they might not find it if you end up on page three of Google’s search results.

The issue here, in web design terminology, is whether your website design is “responsive.” In other words, does it look good on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. It isn’t as hard to accomplish as it sounds – you’ll just need to have a WordPress website and find a nice, responsive design on a website like A few years ago I changed both WorshipIdeas and HymnCharts over to WordPress from html and it sure has made my life easier. is an example of a responsive web design. It’s basically made up of squares that rearrange themselves to fit your screen (try viewing it on your laptop, then look at it on your smartphone to see the differences.)

If your church website is html-based it will have the same proportions and font sizes on all screens. It might look fine on a desktop or laptop, but it will be hard to read on tablets and smartphones because it will shrink proportionally to the smaller screen.

Read more about Google’s changes at Business Insider.


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