Worship In The Aftermath Of Violence And Terror

Kristen Gilles on worship in the midst of tragedy:

Our nation was jolted last week by the tragic, civilian “war zone” created at the Boston Marathon after two terrible explosions killed 3 people and horribly wounded nearly two hundred others. The news media photos depicted bloody carnage on the streets of Massachusetts, terror rarely witnessed on U.S. soil in modern times.

These acts of violent terror against humanity happen every day around the world. No matter how it happens, or where it happens, the heart of God weeps with all who weep in the aftermath. And His righteous anger is stirred against the wicked. He is not sleeping. He is not deaf. He hears the bloody cries for justice. And He has promised to righteously judge the wicked.

How should Christians respond to the rampant evils, oppression and injustice of this world as we live to trust, obey and declare what is true about God? What should our worship of God sound like in response to such evil? Consider this Psalm of David, which he sung to the Lord as his own cry for justice in the face of great persecution and violence.

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