Worship Shoes

Worship Shoes?

Flying back from recording in LA a few weeks ago I sat next to a guy with the most unusual shoes.

“Where’d you get those?” I asked.

“They’re my company!” He replied. He’d been at some shoe trade shoe showing off his product – Piro Shoes. He was quite proud of them – super light and super comfortable with some extra special arch support.

Of course, being one to try the latest thing, I ordered a pair as soon as I got home.

Now, as I’m getting old and decrepit, I’ve noticed my back is starting to hurt when I’m standing at a keyboard as I’m playing in church. You know, you stand for hours… rehearsals, multiple services…

I got my black Piro bburst shoes in the mail. Wow, they are super light. And cool looking.

I wore them to church two weeks ago when I played the keyboard standing up. Unreal – I didn’t have an ounce of back trouble. I wear them every day and just ordered another pair. Check out the bburst shoes at PiroShoes.com.


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