Worship’s One-Trick Pony

website creator The sole emphasis on music in worship has been detrimental. It has hindered understanding of biblical worship and exacerbated conflicts. Music alone cannot fix dissension; a healthier theology of worship is needed.

David Manner argues worship is more than music. Scripture, prayer, communion, and the arts are all important expressions given by God. But music has become the “one-trick pony” we rely on exclusively.

Scripture should stand on its own, informing songs rather than serving as fertilizer for contrived lyrics. Prayer is often just a musical transition rather than true divine dialogue. Communion builds community but is treated as supplemental. The arts beyond music are seen as optional rather than essential.

Leaders must educate congregations to move beyond music as the only response in worship. This may alleviate pressure on music alone to drive renewal and reduce music’s solitary blame for conflicts. A diversity of expressions will lead to healthier, more biblical worship.

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