14 Reasons to Have a Worship Choir

Greg Brewton says there are ways to involve a choir even in a modern worship style:

Have you seen the articles over the last few years lamenting the demise of the church choir? For many years now there has been a trend towards using a worship band and a small group of vocalists rather than a choir. Some think that a choir does not work well in a modern worship setting, but there are ways to involve a choir even in a modern worship style. Perhaps the choir needs to be equipped to sing in some different musical styles and to see themselves as encouragers in worship rather than always singing a choir anthem.

Why should you have a worship choir at your church? These are some of the reasons I support the use of a worship choir:

1. When a choir is trained to be leaders in worship, they bring great energy and involvement in the worship service. They bring visual and vocal vitality.

2. A worship choir can teach your congregation new songs.

3. A worship choir can encourage the congregation with songs that function as prayers or exhortation in worship.

4. A worship choir is also a great encouragement to the worship leader in worship. Having a large group of singers behind you as you lead the congregation is inspiring.

5. A worship choir gives many more people in your church an opportunity to serve. You may not need many singers for the worship praise team, but you could utilize an unlimited number of singers in a choir.

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