How To Be A Confident Musician For Your Worship Team

Jed Smith finds ways to be confident on Sunday morning:

Nothing is worse than not being confident.

Turning the key not knowing if your car is going to start. Showing up to work not knowing if you can rely on your coworkers. Walking into a class room for a final you haven’t studied for.

Yeah. It’s the worse.

If you’re a member of a worship team, you know what it’s like to be up on stage in front of friends and strangers about to start the first song and you’re not sure how the service is going to turn out.

If you’re like me, you want do whatever it takes to get rid of doubt and uncertainty. When it’s time to worship, it’s time to worship, not wonder if you’re going to nail a riff or a chord change.

You want to be able to know you have what it takes to execute the parts and still enjoy the moment. You want to be able to help facilitate worship while still worshiping yourself.

Here are some steps you can take to gain confidence on Sunday morning.

Identify Exactly What Is Making You Nervous

Fear is most powerful when it’s unnamed. Once we have identified what is making us nervous we can look at the situation with new eyes. We might find out that what we were so worried about isn’t as big of a deal as we first thought.

Spend some time with a pencil and paper and replay the scenario in your head that makes you nervous. See if you can identify what is making you nervous. Write it down. Give it a name. The more specific you can be the less power the fear has.

If you feel comfortable, write down what makes you nervous about Sunday mornings in the comments below. You may realize you’re not that different from anyone else.

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