How to Best Serve Your Pastor

Chris Denning says serving your Pastor is paramount to your ability to serve God in your role.

Worship Leaders have an especially important role in serving our Pastors because we work so closely in helping them in one of their main tasks of leading the Church on a weekly basis. Knowing how we can specifically serve our Pastors well will not only help us to be more effective, but will also make our jobs even more enjoyable.

1. Be On Their Team

I mean, yea, you’re physically on their team already, but are you REALLY on their team? My wife and I use this phrase a lot in our marriage. How you act, what you say, the way you do things, and more can VISIBLY show someone that you’re REALLY on their team.

Learn what that looks like for Pastor, as its probably different for everyone. Does that mean helping them develop the sermon series they have in their brains, or does that mean doing a song you’re not crazy about but they know ties in really well with their message? I don’t know, but you NEED to know how to show you Pastor that you’re on their team.

2. Be Completely Honest With Them

A yes man is no good to anyone. Agreeing with every idea that comes out of your Pastor’s mouth may be great for their ego, but its crappy for their ability to grow and make good decisions. Holding back your opinion, especially when asked for it isn’t helpful either.

Always err towards honesty, even when you don’t think it will be popular. You need to know what’s appropriate for your position (i.e. Youth Worship Guy, don’t go ranting to your Pastor every time a song is done on Sunday that you don’t like) and how to communicate with honesty RESPECTFULLY. Humility goes a long way when being honest with your Pastor.

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