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Kade Young gives a church tech tour on the AV upgrades they have implemented over the past year and a half. Although they have outgrown their current 100-seat room and anticipate moving to a larger venue soon, the team continues investing in incremental improvements to their production quality. From lighting and acoustics to wireless mics and mixing tools, a number of behind-the-scenes enhancements aim to elevate the in-room and online experience for their congregation.

  • They upgraded to ProPresenter 7 to allow firing of backing track cues over the network to sync lyrics perfectly. Overall it works well for them.
  • Lighting is still using an old light board, hope to upgrade to software lighting eventually.
  • Still using an X32 mixer – it works well for mixing and recording.
  • Added a reference microphone and RTA software to visually monitor and EQ the room sound. Helps dial in better consistency.
  • Upgraded stage wash lights with RGB curtain lights for better visual interest.
  • Added a tool chest backstage for tidy wireless mic storage and charging. Has a power strip built in to easily charge all mics.
  • Upgraded wireless mics to Sennheiser EWD units with better clarity. Using high end capsules for main singers. Antenna relocated for better line of sight.
  • Frustrations with new playback interface not always connecting properly to iPad.
  • Upgraded drum mics and added cymbal shields for better drum sound.
  • Upgraded to a nice weighted acrylic podium for pastor.
  • They have outgrown their current building after adding a 2nd service. Excited for potential future content around outfitting a new, larger venue.

Incremental tech upgrades demonstrate good stewardship in making the most of what they have. From revolutionizing their wireless mic workflow to sculpting a balanced room mix—the crew creatively innovates on a budget. And who knows what fun new gear they might unbox when they finally land that larger dream space!


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