7 Church Trends to Watch in 2024

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The church landscape is rapidly changing – are you keeping up? Carey Nieuwhof dives into 7 crucial trends that church leaders need to understand in 2024. Understanding these trends is essential if you want to lead a thriving, growing church instead of one that declines.

Nieuwhof first explains how the era of the “stable” church is ending – most churches today are either growing quickly or declining. Doing things the same old way won’t cut it anymore. Next, he shares how millennials have become the new core of churches, reshaping giving, serving and attendance patterns. As millennials step into leadership roles, Generation Z is also starting to make its mark, craving authentic faith rather than just a church performance.

A key trend is discipleship going digital – churches leveraging online tools and apps are seeing incredible engagement and life change. Yet many churches are still resistant to this movement. Nieuwhof warns that digital discipleship is no longer optional.

He then dives into the challenging issue of partisan extremism fueling some church growth but alienating young generations long-term. Nieuwhof advises that focusing on Jesus, not politics, is key for lasting growth. Similarly, AI is on the rise in churches which raises ethical issues that pastors must address.

Finally, Nieuwhof highlights the emergence of a new generation of millennial megachurch pastors. They prioritize consensus, community and church health over size or top-down leadership. This resonates far better with younger generations.

Churches must adapt to reach generations craving authentic faith communities. Discipleship is moving online. And while partisan politics may temporarily boost attendance, an alternative focused on Jesus is key for the long-term. Millennials and Gen Z long for a different kind of church – the question is, will you make the changes needed to engage them?

The future church Nieuwhof foresees is technologically savvy, adaptive and deeply authentic. By understanding and embracing these trends now, church leaders can move from declining to thriving. Don’t let your church get left behind – watch this video today!


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