Church Announcement Rules for Greater Effectiveness

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Many churches work hard to offer great programs and events, yet often hear “I didn’t even know that was happening!” Brady Shearer shares three simple church announcement rules to increase involvement.

The 50% Rule

Don’t promote events church-wide unless at least 50% of attendees can potentially benefit. Many announcements share things irrelevant to most people, causing them to tune out announcements overall. This rule significantly cuts down on time spent on announcements, keeping them short and focused.

The rule isn’t about actual event attendance, but potential attendance. For example, a kids program announcement applies to kids plus parents and volunteers involved. An all-church service project counts even if only some attend. Trimming announcements this way makes each one more relevant and impactful.

Inspiration Over Information

Share why an event matters, not just what, when and where details. Storytelling grabs attention in a way plain facts don’t. Shearer shares how even his phone-focused brother paid attention when a pastor told a story.

He suggests this simple announcement formula: one story plus one clear next step. Don’t just list baptism details – share your meaningful baptism story, then give a clear way to learn more if interested.

Also, have one clear place for all next steps, like your church website. Avoid confusing, scattered calls to action across platforms. A free website tool Shearer created, the Launcher, enables compiling key next steps in one place.

Sprint and Smuggle

Sometimes bend the rules using “sprints” and “smuggles.” Sprints are short, all-out promo pushes a few times a year for big events. Smuggles briefly mention other events within stories and content.

For example, Shearer demonstrated smuggling announcements into his video naturally within story examples. Sprints sacrifice engagement short-term but gain interest if used sparingly.

Following these tips will make announcements more compelling and effective. People will know what’s happening and take next steps to participate. Church events serve their purpose best when well promoted to those most likely to benefit.


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