3 Steps to Successfully Add New Worship Team Members

Kade Young says we have all encountered those people who want to be on the worship team but don’t have what it takes to fulfill the commitment.

It may seem impossible at times, with such a small group of people to pull from, but a small church still has the potential to offer excellent sound quality in their worship services. I am not just talking about what type of equipment you have, because an excellent sound starts with the people on stage.

I was brand new at leading worship full-time when I had a guy, who had not been coming to the church for very long, approach me about playing guitar with the worship team. At the time, it seemed like such a god-send because I was in desperate need of an electric guitarist, so I enthusiastically brought him onto the team! As you can guess where this story is going, it ended up that the skills were not quite there. His heart was pure, and he was a really nice guy, but the whole band struggled with this one member that was out-of-sync. Then I was stuck trying to resolve the situation without hurting his feelings. Yuck – I am sure you have found yourself there as well.

A 3-Step Process for Adding New Worship Team Members

I let many years go by before I finally developed a process for introducing new members to the worship team. Without a refined process, you are in for a bumpy ride! I will now outline the process I use, and you will also be able to download the application I use. Feel free to use whatever will fit your needs, but don’t be afraid to add your own touch.

Step 1 – Complete an Application

It may seem silly, especially in a small church, but an application is the first step in weeding out those who are just looking for a ‘platform’. An application should be used to answer two main questions: ‘can they accept the commitment’ and ‘do they have a heart for worship’.

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