Chris Vacher

Vacation Tips for Creatives

Summer is off to a great start and many of you are going to get some holiday time to get rested and rejuvenated. If you’re anything like me you struggle with the tension of connection while you’re on a break. How “connected” should you be or should you allow yourself to be while you’re on holidays? Especially if you fall in to the camp labelled creative you may find this to be a difficult transition from work to vacation.

Some people are able to drop their phone, social media and digital connections for a couple of weeks and feel no desire to stay in touch whatsoever while they’re on holidays. Some (and I’ll put myself very much in this group!) don’t necessarily want or feel the need to be technological hermits while they’re on a break from work but may not know how to balance those two things.

How can I rest my mind, body and soul while still taking advantage of the things I enjoy about technology?

Is that you? Ever ask a question like that? Maybe you’ve had to justify your use of technology while you’re on holidays to a boss or co-worker and never really been able to explain how you’re able to set some clear boundaries for that.

So let me share with you my process and maybe there’s something here which could be helpful for you. Let me be clear, this is my process and this isn’t mandated to me by anyone and I’m not mandating that this is how you should do this. I’ve learned three easy steps that I can do to be rested, to be not distracted by work and at the same time to stay engaged with the great things I love about technology.

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