3 Things Every Worship Leader Needs For 2016

Russ Hutto says worship Leaders need to embrace a disciplined approach to their own worship life.

So, here we are rounding the corner on another year as we’re moving full-steam ahead through the holidays and into 2016! It’s amazing how fast years seem to go by, yet they are all exactly the same length, the same amount of minutes in every hour, day, week, and month. Here are 3 things that we believe every worship leader needs for the coming year:

1) A Simple and Sustainable Rhythm

This starts with discipline. Worship Leaders need to embrace a disciplined approach to their own worship life. It can be very easy for WLs to coast on the fumes of worship experience to experience, treating Sunday morning services and mid-week rehearsals as their personal worship time. Although, it’s GREAT to approach these times as a worshipful time in your busy schedule, it’s not a substitute for the relational richness and opportunity for growth that comes from a personal, consecrated time of worship. Just you and the Father.

Simple: don’t over complicate it. You don’t need to craft a set list or read Scripture for hours. You just need to ask for the Lord to meet you. He will! God has lots of grace to extend to us when we are weak!

Sustainable: This needs to be something that you can commit to, day in and day out. Sure, there will be exceptions, but generally speaking, depth, growth and discipleship happens in a committed and disciplined relationship. It doesn’t usually happen in a scattered and accidental approach.

They “rhythm” that we’re talking about is something that becomes second nature. It is something sustains. It doesn’t rise and crash on the ups and downs of emotion. It stays steady. You’re there when you feel like it, and when you don’t. You begin to see that part of your day as vital. It becomes like a heartbeat or a breath. You don’t have to think hard about it, it just becomes instinct.

Because of our human nature, because of our weakness and tendency to be prone to distraction, sometimes this can be tough to implement. But there is grace. There is HIS strength in our weakness.

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