4 Technology Options that Might Kill the Church Bulletin

Lauren Hunter: What happens when printing costs rise, volunteer help is down, and people look less and less to paper and more to their iPhones?

The church bulletin is a staple, tried and true, trusted in and relied on by all. Bored by the announcements? Peruse your well-loved bulletin. Looking for something to fill your calendar with Thursday night? Yep, the bulletin can help you out. Need to know if giving is up or down? (Depending on your church), your bulletin might just have the answer.

Yet if this is true, why are so many bulletins cast off to the church floor or left on seats, resigned to a destiny consisting of recycling or being thrown out with the half-drunken Styrofoam coffee cups. We create the bulletin with the intent that each and every church member will hold on, write copious amounts of spiritually-inspired notes from the sermon, and hang on to them indefinitely, cataloged in a special file folder at home (okay, I digress, that’s probably just me).

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