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How to Lead a Creative Team

Michelle Dunn on producing a worship experience:

Accepting the position to lead a creative team really took some pondering, prayer and research for me. I am a person who plans, schedules, sticks with a plan and lives within the “box.” I have found that creative people seem to “dance to the beat of a different drum.” They go against the grain and living outside of the box is their world. Embracing a more carefree approach to project management and working with those personalities that are more apt to change “the” plan midstream was my first step to appreciating the world I do not live in.

The challenge then is learning how to lead creative people and innovative thinkers. It is knowing how to tap into their talents, harness their genius and direct them toward viable outcomes.

A great example is a Broadway show! Broadway taps into the potential of very creative and very clever people, it lets them do their thing, but it directs and funnels that potential to become successful. When we think of a show, we often think of actors, dancers, singers, directors, writers, set designers—all whom are incredibly creative. But we also need to focus on the producer. Their role is to bring the creative talents of those people together, let them do what they do best, but then steer it and direct it so the show is completed on time and the goal is accomplished—creatively, spiritually, communicatively and effectively. I see myself as “The Producer”!

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