50 Questions Worship Leaders Should Ask Before Sunday

Worship leaders often don’t evaluate their own leadership until complaints come in. But preemptive self-evaluation can prevent problems down the road. Here are 50 thoughtful questions you as a worship leader can ask yourself to assess your leadership.

50 questions may sound intimidating, but that number ensures a very thorough assessment. A wide range of topics are covered – from logistics, to spiritual preparation, to relating to the congregation and team. Here are some examples:

  • Do your verbal instructions help the service flow smoothly?
  • Are you choosing songs based on musical range versus congregational participation?
  • Are you pouring into the next generation?

You’ll also be challenged with your baseline motivations in your position:

  • Why are you leading worship in the first place?
  • Are you relying on your talents versus developing relationship skills?

Get ready for some serious introspection. Save the page for regular visits and continued growth, year by year. Take your commitment to God’s calling in your life to the next level.

See all 50 questions.


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