8 Keys To ‘Next Level’ Sunday Worship

Worship is meant to be an encounter with the living God that stirs the soul. But for many, Sunday morning worship can feel routine or passionless. What’s the secret to igniting fervent, heartfelt praise?

Mark Cole provides 8 keys to taking your worship team and congregation to the next level. Cole does a fantastic job to include stories and advice to help you quickly decide on next steps. Whether you’re new to leading worship or a veteran looking to revive your team’s fervor, this article will rekindle your passion for extravagant worship and equip you to shepherd your congregation into God’s presence.

Don’t settle for lukewarm worship any longer. Discover tested secrets for planning and leading worship that engages mind, body and spirit in praise. Create services that glorify God and remind your people why worship matters. The time is now to take your team and congregation’s worship to the next level!

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