Christmas Mailing

6 Ways You Can Promote Your Christmas Series or Event

Evan Courtney lists ways to invite visitors to your holiday services:

One of the great things about Christmas is that people who don’t normally go to church are inclined to go during Christmas if they are asked or given the opportunity to go. So we need to leverage this and to promote our Christmas series and events so those who are hurting and broken have the opportunity to receive the love our of Savior.

So let’s talk about six ways you can get the word out to these people:

Mail: Send good ol’ mail to both your regular attenders and your community.

Church Mailing List: I know several churches are going away from this, but I still believe a large, nicely designed mail piece (something like 6.5” x 9”) increases brand awareness and validity of the professionalism of your church. Send this to everyone on your mailing list. Encourage them to invite their friends. You still have time to get some postcards printed. GotPrint has a good rush service available.

Direct Mail: USPS has rolled our their Every Door Direct Mail service, which lets you simply enter your address, ZIP code, or city and state for your target areas. They’ve got a great tool to help you narrow down your audience, which will also help you know costs.

Lumpy Mail: Consider sending lumpy mail. People open lumpy mail. Don’t you always open that piece of mail even when you know it’s junk mail because you know there is something different inside? This could simply be throwing in a small candy cane or something that is branded with your Christmas teaching series name.

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