Can the Church Calendar be Relevant in Contemporary Worship?

Glenn Packiam explains that the liturgical year was developed as a way to help the spiritual formation of Christians.

I’m not in love with all things old.

I don’t think then is better than now.

I’m not trying to get back to how things were.

My journey in learning about the liturgy and the liturgical year is not about nostalgia; it’s about spiritual formation.

The people who wrote some of the best liturgical prayers– from John Chrysostom (The Eastern Orthodox’s “Divine Liturgy”) in the 4th century to Thomas Cranmer in the 17th century (Anglican Book of Common Prayer)– were passionate followers of Christ and diligent scholars of the Scriptures and of theology. When the seasons of the church calendar– or the “Christian Year” or the “liturgical year”– developed, it developed as way to aid in the spiritual formation of those who sought to follow Christ.

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