A Theological Reason Why Worship Leaders Need to Nap on Sunday Afternoon

Zac Hicks wonders why he’s so exhausted on Sunday afternoon:

Maybe it sounds a bit cheeky. Perhaps it sounds like overextending an idea’s reach or, worse, a justification for sloth. However, I think there’s a very good theological reason why we worship leaders often find ourselves pillow-side on Sunday afternoons. For me, it’s very personal and autobiographical.

I began thinking about all this over the last few months as our church is picking up the pieces of a major tragedy. Since the news hit our church family several months ago, I’ve found myself more exhausted on Sunday afternoons. I began to take inventory. Was I getting up earlier than usual on Sunday mornings? Was I staying up too late on Saturdays? Was I putting together more demanding and difficult music? Were our liturgies more complex, requiring additional brain power and on-the-ball concentration? Was it my thyroid? Did my wife just have another baby? Am I just getting older?

No, not really.

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