The Difference Between Practice & Rehearsal

Chris Denning says practice and rehearsal are two different things:

I hear from friends all the time who are not satisfied with how their band rehearsals go. Some find that they are way too long and don’t actually get anything done, while others feel like it turns into one big practice session for the whole band.

Our team talks a lot about the difference between Practice and Rehearsal. Yes, they are two different things. It may seem semantic, but when you start to understand Practice and Rehearsal as two different things, you’ll see your team change.

PRACTICE is the work you do when no one is looking, not just on the songs you’re playing that weekend, but on the techniques and rudiments that are the foundation of your musical ability.

REHEARSAL is the time when musicians come to put together all the practice they have done individually to prepare for a set or event.

There is definitely a relationship between Practice and Rehearsal, because your Practice should inform your Rehearsal. If you don’t put in the work individually, it will show when you put it together as a group.

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