David Santistevan

Advice to Brand New Worship Leaders

Nobody likes to be the new guy.

All around you see worship leaders of large churches, touring musicians of crazy talent, and veterans who’ve been leading for years.

But what if you just started or are waiting for your time? That can be one of the scariest moments of your life.

When I started leading worship, it was the grace of God that prevented me from having an anxiety attack every time.

The crowds of people, no matter how small, freaked me out.

My inexperience with singing left me terrified.

The spiritual pressure of engaging a room left me spellbound.

If I could slip back in time, this is the advice I would offer myself. And it’s the advice I offer to you, young worship leader.

5 Tips For Brand New Worship Leaders


1. Don’t base your identity on each performance – I can think back to numerous times where I felt either crushed or on top of the world after leading worship. Truth is, sometimes everything will go better than planned. Other times, you will fail.

Don’t base your identity on how you perform. Realize that Jesus loves you. Understand that you are His. Lead out of that truth.

2. Your heart is what sets you apart – I’ll tell you right now, there are worship leaders who are way more talented than you. Who cares?

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